Paint To Match

Fibreglass Architectural Mouldings and Painted Concealments

As the demand for mobile communication services continually increase, so does the necessity for radio base stations and masts. Without these vital pieces of equipment, we would not be provided with the many services that we have all come to rely upon. Part of the commitment of mobile providers is to ensure that radio base stations and masts, where possible, are designed and sited in such a way which integrates them into the existing surrounding and environment.

We have seen a similar trend with architecture and the installation of vents, flues, ducting and cable trays installed to existing buildings. Even inner city locations have become sensitive to the need of local residence, visitors and workers and in some cases the requirements of local authorities that potential unsightly installations are made inconspicuous.


Our skilled team of artists have extended experience of exterior painting; they use application techniques and materials that enable the finish to be long lasting and durable.  All our painting is carried out by hand and is executed with an absolute dedication to replicate the existing material to which it needs to blend. As well as painting textured shroud panels such as brickwork for example, we also paint directly onto flat surfaces such as ducting, in which case an effect of a textured surface is created through the skilful design of the artist.


Each concealment or painting project is site specific. We do not offer a range to select from as quite simply, each assignment is approached and carried out completely bespoke to the specification of the project. The example images demonstrate the high quality of painting as well as the extremely realistic finishes that can be achieved with just paint, brushes, an abundance of skill and unchallenged commitment.