Replica Structure and Materials

We have the ability and skill to replicate any material, be it wood, slate stone, marble, brick, tile anything. We have carried out work for both English and Welsh heritage and in 2009 we re-created the cupola for The Kings Theatre in Southsea..
We work closely with architects and designers from concept through to manufacture to create products that faithfully and sympathetically blend with original features of the building that we are installing. Our product not only have to be aesthetically correct but with the use of an in house metal fabricator we can also achieve components which adhere to building regulations and are structurally sound.
With a very long life expectancy grp is weather resistant, waterproof and extremely durable, with it’s versatility to replicate or became any shape any size in any colour or finish, Glass fibre can champion any traditional material and has become a valuable addition to an architects pallet.
For more information of The kings Theatre project and other architectural assignments please see our 'case studies' section.